Recently a simple game called flappy bird become a hit in google play and iTunes, based on news I’ve read this game gain about 50 grand USD for a day, so where is that money came from?  This a lot of money come from advertisements using advertisements API,  which actually not a new thing in freeware application business, every people who install this app and running it will trigger a request to show advertise in some area in the window, every trigger is a count, maybe it just 5 cents/trigger but wonder if your application has 100k download, you already have 5 grand (1 USD equal 100 cents) each time they run the app while they actually will run it more than once in a day. Ok, if you programmer and want to try your luck create a simple yet intresting app and or serious ones to gain money from free app here is the list of advertisements service you may use :

Before use any of it with your own risk, I did not take any responsibility for any loss you may get from the advertisements service source listed above, so you better read and find out more about the service you want to use.

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