Ever heard statement or joke like you see in the tittle?  I am not actually programmer (anymore) but even now as Project Leader I still feel the same so lets make it “I am developer I have no life”. Before we continue, firstly this whatsoever article (I even doubt this can be called article) not created for complain or whatever, I just wanna write, that’s all and I think it can lessen my stress (even though it not).


For those who find that as a joke, try click this and you will find a lot of prove about that. Yeah no kidding and I never actually see statement like “I am doctor I have no life” or “I am accountant I have no life” etc. They (include me) have probably had days on which they have worked well from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and then felt like quitting. they didn’t quit, though. Ok, here’s some more you should know about them, if you’re developer then you :

  • Always think with Logic – As a developer, you deal with logic constantly. Your true mettle will be defined by how you deal with the insanity (real or perceived) of the customer. The developer customer could be your project manager, the business analyst or the users (nah it suck for those who face this one directly).
  • To blame – As a programmer, you are the low man (or woman) on the totem poll. Just remember that shit rolls downhill, the buck stops with you and if there is a defect it is obviously the programmer’s fault. How about me as project leader? I am the one that get all the blame (from programmers that make the mess) and face a direct shame from the client who complain.
  • Lack of Sleep – More importantly it is the lack of sleep that you need to be concerned with. As your hours increase, you will find there is less time to sleep. You will have to call into a conference call at 7AM with your offshore team, or support a 5AM deployment on Saturday.
  • Replaceable – Your skills typically do not matter in the corporate environment. There are plenty of programmers that do not have jobs and could fill your position. Your expertise in the business domain is not important because there are business analysts that are supposed to be the experts in the business. You are replaceable, you are just a part in the corporate machine.
  • Must support 24/7 – Yes, you will be pulled into support at various times, even for something like a customer service site. The application may not be life threatening or revenue threatening, it is just job threatening. So, your corporate leash will ring at the worst possible moment and you will have to get on a conference call with 10 people who have no idea how to fix the problem but need to be involved from the management perspective and one other person that might be able to help you.
  • Stress – Project failure is never an option. You cannot miss the deadline even though it was not the deadline you proposed. No, you cannot remove features from the application in order to make the deadline either. You need to deliver the entire application by the deadline, or the entire team could be fired. Nothing like a little pressure with your morning coffee.
  • Geek – Most of them is a geek, buying gadget, toys, figure etc geek stuff to make them feel little bit life.

So please, if you have a friend, family or someone close that actually work as developer, try understand them and not mess up with them as they may already have a lot burden in their shoulder. Ok, thanks for even reading until this very last word.

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