For a reason I find my self have to reinstall my windows 8, but I forgot where I note my product key. Normally your Windows 8 product key should be with the email confirmation you received after buying Windows 8 for download, or with your packaging if you purchased it in a retail package. If Windows 8 came preinstalled on your computer, your product key should be on a sticker on your computer or with your documentation. But if you can’t find documentation of your Windows 8 product key like me, rest assure you may be able to extract it from the Windows Registry using a program called a product key finder.

Important: A product key finder program will only find your valid Windows key if Windows is installed and working, and if you’ve manually entered the Windows product key in some previous installation.

Ok, let’s explain no more, here’s how to :

  1. Download Belarc Advisor, a free PC audit program with my full Windows 8 support that also functions as a key finder tool. You may using another program but I choose that one instead.
  2. Install Belarc Advisor, following whatever instructions are given during the installation.
  3. Turn of internet connection for those who afraid if the program may collect your pc result scan.
  4. Run Belarc Advisor (the initial analysis may take a little while, you may skip network scan), scan result will show up in your browser, the Windows product key displayed in the Software Licenses section.
  5. For peace of mind, write down your product key in safe place then delete scan result from windows explorer, it placed under link on your browser where the scan result show up.

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