Today I clone and open old project from my company git repo which have to get some change in my Netbeans 7.2, btw am running on windows 8. Am the only one who maintain it project and am shocked from see a lot of errors in editor in entire classes. I try to compile and running but nothing wrong, then I try to clean-build, clean, running again, remove lib, re-add lib, clean-build and so on but those bogus error still there ruin my peace of mind.


And like usual I try to searching through my favorite search engine and find working solution. To fix this troublesome Netbeans problem, I close the project, then close the NetBeans, go to “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\NetBeans\Cache\7.2” and delete “index” folder, they say this this “index” folder contains cache, this cache is the root of the problem. After do that open our beloved Netbeans and open the project, voila now I can code peacefully.

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