To those who searching about hacking or cheating on Dead Frontier Gambling Den, you are literally landing in the right place, but  my apologize you wont get what you really expect, why? coz you can’t , I found a post out there to recode, recompiled & replace the swf file but I don’t think it working as simple as that, they may notice and  you got banned, except you’re a real badass hacker you may find a way to hack it, but I don’t think any badass hacker will into this thing (I think they will hack bank account instead or anything that more challenging than this). So, stop thinking about cheating or hacking Gambling Den and like the tittle “Gambling Den” just playin’ gambling will ya? If you want to try your lucky or whatever method, why don’t you try it with simulator first right?


To use it simply download .jar file and double click to run it, but before that you need to have java runtime environment in your PC, you can check it from command prompt and write java -version , If you don’t have java runtime environment then you should download it first, FYI when I make this simulator I running version 1.7 there’s possibility you cannot run it on old version of jre.

With this simulator, you can decide do you really wanna into gambling den or not? Me personally don’t wanna go there anymore, with my (double bet when lose) method I get 30k $ but then lose 60k $ yoyo-emoticon-1-005 and don’t wanna lose more so I stop , also as you can see in the picture, you’re screw up if you unlucky and get lose in row (that what happen to me when I lost 60k $), FYI I initialize 130k in that simulation and now it remain only 5k LOL. If you have kickass method and somehow success in this simulator, don’t blame me if you lose in real game, my code is pure random generator for queen placement, I don’t know about their code, if you go bankruptcy blame your greedy. For those who really insist to play gambling, my advice is if you manage to win a big number of $, stop, be satisfied before you lose it all and regret, try to get it back but more to lost then more to regret. For those who decide to not, happy looting 😉 .

Download Simulator

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