Confessing a love really are nerve cracking since a man’s pride put in the line there, unlike in the movie which go out and get a “call me” mean you’re couple, confession it’s something that a man must do to make sure girl he have been date with is accept him as her boyfriend. Girls, if you read this, please be gentle when you want to reject your date friend, because most of man will not recover so fast. Many people do it wrong and end up get rejected. I date many girls in the past and I only rejected by two girls in my life, I learn from it and never get rejected again, I observe what the differences between my accepted confession & rejected ones. Ok, now put the intro aside and here’s how to do it & what you should know about confession :

  • Confession is not the place to convince your target, well actually yes you should convince her but do it more when date her, make her comfort and convince her more with actions before confess to her.
  • Do it in a comfortable and quiet place, you don’t wanna make her say “what you just say?” and something like that after say your whatever loooong confession words isn’t?, unless you have another scenario like confess in front of many people.
  • If you want to confess in the front of many people, then you must really sure she gonna accept your confession, since it will be really embarrassing if she rejected you in that kind of situation, well I’m not really recommend that way of confession though and never did one.
  • Don’t use too many words like “I love you“, instead of it you should say “I wanna take care of you” and something like that, it makes she think you make her and her feeling is your priority not just all about you and your feeling toward her.
  • Read first point, make sure she is feel safe & comfort around you, for she maybe feel not so safe around a man due her past. Her feel of safe and comfort which come from the way you treat her before your confession is your first thing to do.

That’s all I can tell ya so far, I’ll put another ones if something cross my mind. Good luck guys, if you success to make it by any chance please take care of your girl and love her with all your best.

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