How unfortunately you landed here, but a dead end relationship must put to it end for the best of both. Sometimes end a relationship not as smooth as start it, there’s feeling guilty haunting me especially when try to end relationship with a good girl, while sometimes a relationship is must to put to the end for some reason like no more love, not in the same wavelength etc. For those who in position get dumped, believe me sometimes make decision and become the person who say “end” is painful and hard too (!), sometimes those who say “end” first is just act tough and leaving when actually feel the same way. The main point of this article is how to end a relationship without feeling guilty, as little pain as possible for both and make a clean end or even become looks like you are the one who get dumped. Doing actual break up is nerve racking and need a lot courage since people’s heart put int the line here. I didn’t say this gonna be proper way, in reverse this actually gonna be unfair way but at least somehow comprehend our main point and purpose, if you want to get proper way find it out there, now let’s get started.


  • Drift Apart : Become busy, stop calling, stop texting, stop any network social networking activity between you and her/him, etc. Eventually your partner will lose her/his feeling then also do the same and you can just say end easily or even your partner will gonna say it first.
  • Boring : This is reverse of Drift Apart, become boring person, show more attention & love extraordinarily, if she/he not a lover but a player, she/he will be bored of you and decide to leave you. Warning : beware some of player will take advantage of it.
  • Put a Threat : Put a threat or make a threat, make her/his doing a mistake to put in the table as the reason that relationship should be end. Make some status for anonymous, make she/he jealous with your friendship to another people or anything that leading to make her/him doing mistake or even cheat on you, catch her/him in act (don’t ask me how) and make it a reason.
  • Bad Rumor : Spread or make bad rumor about you, anything who make your partner ill feel.


  • First and most important, be certain you want to end your relationship, remember how hard you get his/her attention and become your partner in the past, if you not sure then don’t !
  • Don’t take anything personally, control your emotion, you are the one who want to make it end, anything she/he do you is reaction of your action.
  • If you the one that will say “end”, better do it on phone to avoid any tragically shameless things happen in location.
  • Don’t try to remain friend, especially if you regret and you can’t control your own feeling because it will be prolong agony of breakup. Most often, it best to spend time apart. After a time, perhaps three months, perhaps a year or more, when you see one another, it won’t hurt as much, and maybe then you can try to be friends with a clean slate.
  • Gratitude, both of you are lover once, thanks your ex for ever being nice and kind to you.

That’s it,  thanks for reading, actually I wrote this article but I hope nobody will read it or cancel your intention after read first tips, cause I believe any breakup with any method is sadness thing for both or one side, think and rethink before do it. 🙂

NB : Use the method at your own risk!

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