Last night my iPhone stuck on Lime Screen of Death, the cause is I keep use it to make a call when the battery is below 5% then turned off when it reach 0, ofcourse I’m not did that on purpose, I thought I well plug it into electricity jack while in fact it not. When I try to turn it on, I get this lime screen, then I tried to make sure it well plugged into electricity, but it keep show this lime screen. Then I search trough my favorite search engine and landed in forum which is talk about the same thing.

There’s a lot way to solve this problem in that forum thread, but one that worked on me is plug it to computer (you will keep see the lime screen), let it be for 5-10 minutes, unplug it, then push power button, done (in my case), now apple logo should be appear. In case to prevent it from run out of battery when restarting, I recommend to plug it again to computer. Hope this method working for you too.

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