Happy Friday fellow modeler, today I’m gonna post my Sazabi kit build process until done. Actually its been done about last week, I just don’t have time to post it until now. Ok then, here we go.

Open Box

Out from it Box

Pictures not so good because taken with my mobile phone camera. OMG, I can’t even move my mouse because Sazabi parts XD.

Mono Eye

I love mono eye gunpla, unfortunately there’s no green transparent part for HG Sazabi mono eye , well its HG don’t expect MG features. Using stiker is NO NO for me, so I tried to color it with white marker first as base color, then put green marker.

Sazabi quite big model, below is chest comparison with MG (1:100) Deathscythe KA, I wonder how big Sazabi in MG, hemmm.

Sazabi Chest

Upper body, weapon and shield done minus thruster on it shoulder and funnel pack on it back. Still a lot things need to build.

Upper body done

Build almost done, the rest is funnels pack. See, sazabi sure big. I guess I’ll buy it MG someday.

Build almost done

Finally all done, minus yellow parts in it shoulder, I bet those parts gonna be hard to put off if I put it on, so better put it on after color them all. By the way, this is ain’t Bandai kit, it an bootleg kit but a good one, I don’t wanna tell you it brand for some reason. I don’t have any problem while snap fit them, the bad things about this kit is it color, as you can see it sooo plastic and need to recolor. But I bet you gonna recolor your gunpla even it Bandai kit aren’t you? :p

Funnel Attack

Below is recolor WIP, disassemble needed to do so. In picture above I about finish recolor all parts. Color I use as it basic color is doff white, main color is fancy red. Before I put top coat, I give it some shading effect. I use 2B pencil powder and put it on parts with my finger to make the shading. Decals also posted before top coat. As for top coat I use clear doff. I use spray can for all of those color.  By the way, you can starting see differences between before recolor (above) and after recolor (below).

Recolor WIP

Now everything is done, and sazabi with it stand currently in my office desk when I write this post. What do you think? Feedback  and question are welcome.

All done 1

All done 2


Some details