Hi there fellow gunpla modeler, this is my first WIP post, I doubt will inspiring you, but enjoy it anyway LOL :p . My victim is Gundam RX-78, because I lack of knowledge about coloring with hand brush or air brush style, so I choose to coloring with spray can. Primary color I use is white matte, dio(if I not mistake) blue, and fancy red.


Gundam : War pose?? Oh, come on, this is Gundam Age time

Pray before recolor process

Gundam : I Hope my master color me well

Half Naked

Gundam : Noooooooooo


Gundam : -__-“

Cockpit Done

Gundam : Not bad at all, I wonder when I get my whole armor back

Ok guys, that’s all for today, I still have plenty REAL LIVE jobs to do 😦 , I’ll post the rest as soon as i have time to spend 😀 .