You only have to do what you know is right and avoid those that were not.

You don’t have to bother trying to be an angel.

Angels bowed to our great ancestors, they don’t have passion or lust.

Some human can be higher than angels, but some could be lower than devils.

It is definitely all to our choice.

There is no such condition when we were really forced to do what’s wrong.. or is there such? tell me!

I think we can break any odds with a strong determination.

And how to have a strong determination?

That is to have strong knowledge about what we’re doing.

Never say enough for kindness,  in reverse stop and say enough doing bad things at the time you realize it!

Learn and learn, read and read.

Happy ending for those who living their life as good as they could be.

Bad ending for those who living their life without any determination and do whatever they like without care what the consequences beyond their action.

We freely choose whatever things we wanna do, but we do not freely to choose our consequences beyond that action.

Which one you wanna be?


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